FLEXSON 2-way Digital Audio Switcher For SONOS PLAYBAR

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It is ideal if you want to connect, for example, both a TV and a DVD/Blu-ray Player to the SONOS PLAYBAR. Or you could connect a TV and a games console, or a set-top box. Need more connections? Step up to the Flexson 4-Way Digital Audio Switcher, which connects up to four devices to the SONOS PLAYBAR. The Flexson 2-Way Digital Audio Switcher is a small box that's easy to hide away. It's simple to install and use, and provides reliable and lossless audio signal transmission. This two-way switcher is just one of Flexson's range of solutions for the SONOS PLAYBAR, which includes a 4-Way Digital Audio Switcher, Analogue to Digital Converter, Digital Coaxial to Optical Converter, TV Stand, and 3 different wall-mount solutions.

  • Connects two digital Optical inputs to SONOS PLAYBAR
  • For example, users can connect both their TV
  • Optical cables connected to the unit can run up to 5 metres
  • Providing a reliable and lossless audio signal transmission
  • Easy to install and use, with a discreet design


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